How !important; are you?

The real world - How important are you?

In the ever growing world of web design I’ve learned a key question to ask myself to keep myself in check and hopefully it can help you out too. As the great designers and developers that you are, keep yourself important and Keep on keepin’ on. How important are you? A great question to ask […]

The New Launch!


Check out the newly re-designed website for Hajzer Web Design ! We’ve incorporated Social Media Integration, Web Consulting, and stronger SEO along side the powerful products that we already provided for you! Professional webdesign have never looked better! And now you can update your own websites with WordPress with ease! Check out the site for […]

The future of Hajzer Web Design

The Future of Hajzer Web Design!

Not long after finishing the re-design of this site, I’ve been thinking a lot about expanding the company from web design and re-design to incorporate Web Consulting and Social Media as extra services to provide for clients as it will be beneficial for you (the clients) to expand the reach of your impact as a […]

Keyboards in the Future of Computing (article review)

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I just read the article “Microsoft researcher sees keyboards slowly fading into a niche accessory” from BGR which is advertised on Linked-In and it’s one thing to read it and understand it. But I feel that it’s imperative to take time after reading an article or any kind of literature to reflect. I believe that […]

Adventures of Converting *Nix computer back to Windows.


I know that this isn’t a post on website design, but it’s still in the area of technology and the future of our wonderful industry. Working on computers just goes hand-in-hand with making websites so I’m going to share with you an unlikely adventure into a little bit of what I.T. career can pertain. I […]

The art of typography


I’m starting to do more research on Typography, and I just can’t get enough! I’ve only recently acquired this new found appreciation for beautiful typography! I will admit that on the HTC One, I’ve fallen in love with Twitter’s typography! To put it simply, It’s stunning! It’s legibility is so easy and fun to read […]